I finally know what I’m going for the next year or so of my life.  I was all set to go to Saudi, even getting excited about.  I was offered a direct hire position with a University in Riyadh with compound housing, good pay, health care, the whole works. Then, a recruiter who found my resume online called and asked if I wanted to go to an interview.  Now, at this point I had stopped applying for jobs.  There’s only so much a person can take, and after submitting 150+ applications, I was done.

But I figured what the hell, might as well go on the interview. And, presumably because I neither applied for the job nor particularly cared if I got it (I was good with going to Saudi), I received a call about an hour after my interview with a job offer. After taxes, the pay was the same as Saudi and its a job that has the potential to be a good stepping stone for the future.

I accepted the offer, though I continued to agonize over the decision for another week before emailing my contact in Saudi and letting them know that, unfortunately, I would not be coming.  At least I hadn’t already spent the money on getting the visa.  I’ve turned down the opportunity to explore the world some more in exchange for the security that a job in American can offer and the ability to be closer to my family.  And there is stuff going on here that I’m very happy to be around for.

But it’s still painful.  I’m not at all convinced that I’m cut out to work in corporate America long term.  The job is actually a 6-month contract position, but they say they plan to hire everyone after that point, or, at least those of us that they find acceptable. I’ll be able to pay off my debt and even do some saving (what?!) in that time span.  If don’t hate it and am offered a regular position after the 6 months, chances are I’ll take it.

I had a really hard time making this decision.  But a friend pointed out to me that its easier to re-open the door to going to Saudi than getting in this job again.  And its taken be about a year and a half to even get a real grown-up job.  As my boss said, its time to put on my big girl pants.  And I am, for now, but they can always come off again later.

As consolation for not leaving, I took a road-trip with my mom to Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Acadia National Park.  It was wonderful and Acadia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  There will be more on this later.

The new job starts on Monday, and here’s to hoping its not totally soul-sucking.

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